About us

DR Professional Clinic provides you both surgical and nonsurgical service including face and body reshaping and skin care with years of experienced doctors.

Welcome to DR Professional Clinic

In 2014 Doctor Sem Ratana launched his first establishment "DR Professional Beauty Center” exclusively at Plastic surgery and Dermatological Clinics. In 2015 Doctor Sem Ratana (Dr.Eric) met Doctor Monoroth. Dr.Eric , a soft spoken and driven young doctor, has always had a passion for innovation and a genuine beauty care for the well-being of his patients. In 2014, he ran his own clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia after achcieving his M.D and becoming a certified board dermatologist and plastic surgeon. He spent each day creating and testing for the safest and most effective skin care formulas for severe skin issues and create world innovation of beauty field.